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You could well find you need help with your eyecare or eyewear during this difficult period and Dray's Eyecare are here for you.  We've been working hard to get as many services and products to you, quickly and safely to help you get through this time.  What we have managed to do so far is listed below.  In order to take advantage of these services, you will need to call us on 01295 261080 and we can talk you through the procedure and get you seeing and feeling comfortable again, as quickly as possible, where possible.  Obviously, these services are subject to change in the current climate.  We have now produced a dedicated website for the essential products and services we are offering, please visit

Male model with glasses


We can provide you with a simple pair of single vision glasses for a fixed and reduced price of £69.00 from a range of frames, including hard and anti-reflection coatings (£49 without) with free home delivery.  If you have purchased glasses from us in the last 3 years we will have your records on file, If you have not, we will need a copy of your prescription emailed to us.  We can also currently supply spectacles through the NHS GOS scheme, if you qualify for financial help or a child.  Click here to see the glasses availableClick here for children's styles. Payments are made via credit/debit card on 01295 261080.

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If you normally purchase contact lenses from us, then you just need to call us with your name and email or text a photo of your current contact lens packets and we will have the contact lenses delivered to your door rather than our practice.  If you normally get your contact lenses elsewhere, we will require a written copy of your specification, emailed to us, to order lenses for home delivery. Payment is made via credit/debit card on 01295 261080. Click here to find out more.

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If you purchase eye drops from us already, we often use the Thea range of drops and treatments and we can supply these, as well as eye bags for direct delivery to your home.  The Thea range is very comprehensive and we can often substitute other brands in the short term with Thea products, to keep you comfortable until things return to normal.  Even if you don’t normally get your eye care products form us, we are happy to talk to you with a view to supplying an alternative delivered to your door. There is a fixed postage charge of £4.00.  Payment is made via credit/debit card on 01295 261080. Click here to find out more.



As a practice we offer a full, comprehensive NHS emergency eye care service (MECS).  Normally you would attend to see one of our practitioners, but with the Covid-19 outbreak, the procedure has changed somewhat.  In order to protect you and us, we are accepting phone calls, if you are concerned and will triage you through the NHS (MECS) system.  If required, we will then pass your details on to an accredited Optometrist who will further assess your condition, most likely via a video link or phone.  If it is deemed clinically necessary, you will be offered an appointment to see an Optometrist or referred to an Ophthalmologist for further investigation. Telephone us on 01295 261080 for advice. Click here to find out more

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