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Materials and designs of contact lenses have made enormous advances over recent years and here at Dray’s Eyecare we are embracing the technology to its fullest potential, not only in the lenses we supply but, the equipment that we use to measure for them. 

We now have the ability to create a complete map of the front of your eye, which enables us access to more information on your eyes anatomy and suitability for different contact lens types, than ever before.  This means your contact lenses can be made bespokely, even for the most complicated of eyes, ensuring the best vision and comfort possible.

Maybe you have thought that contact lenses weren’t for you? Or you may have previously been told that your prescription is not suitable for contact lenses? Maybe you only want to wear them occasionally and were put of by the cost?  Well at Dray’s Eyecare we will find a solution that’s tailored for you.  Contact lenses are safer, healthier, more convenient and comfortable than ever before.

For your convenience we also offer a large range of contact lenses on a standing order scheme, which means you can spread the cost of your contact lenses, solutions and your aftercare.

Please, have a look at the information below and if you would to try contact lenses, contact us to schedule an appointment to see one of our Optometrists and give contact lenses a try.

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The most convenient way to wear contact lenses, wear for a day, then throw them away (recycle where possible).  A great way to begin your contact lens journey, with no need for additional cleaning products or solutions.  Available as standard, toric and multifocal. Ideal for younger or casual wearers and sports wear.  Safe, soft, comfortable and very hygenic, now anyone can try contact lenses.

If you're wearing contact lenses regularly, then monthly lenses can be a more cost effective option.   These soft, comfortable lenses are worn for 30 days, removed and cleaned every day when removed.  At the end of the thirty days, you simply dispose of the lenses and care products (recycle where possible) and start again with a new set.  A large range of powers, materials and fitting parameters are available.

Gas permeable lenses are rigid, like the original hard contact lenses, with enhanced oxygen permeability.  Gas permeable lenses are normally kept for a year, then replaced and require a strict care regime on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Because of their rigid nature, they can take longer to get used to than disposable lens types.  Vision achieved with gas permeable lenses is generally good in complicated prescriptions.

mypoia control_edited.png

With the technological advancement of contact lens materials and design, it is now possible to wear contact lenses that can correct vision at all distances.  They are available in daily, monthly and gas permeable wearing schedules as well as in toric options.  There are other options available to see at all distances, which our Optometrists will talk you through, during your trial.

Coloured lenses are available in daily and monthly wearing schedules.  Whether you want to completely change your eye colour, or wish to enhance your own natural colour, there will be a contact lens available for this.  Coloured lenses are generally only available in standard form, not toric or multifocal.  There are many colours to choose from striking blues to subtle browns and everything in between.

Available in a daily wearing schedule, myopia control lenses aim to slow the rapid progression of myopia (short sight) in our younger patients.  As humans grow, generally our eyes become more short-sighted, if your child already has myopia, this can increase significantly.  If this sounds like your child, then it's worth scheduling a consultation with one of our specialist Myopia Management Optometrists, who have an interest in this area. Find out more by clicking HERE

Do you have another question about the type of contact lenses we can provide?  Then please click below to ask us.




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