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Established for over fifty years, in 1972, and previous winner of the Optical Supplier of the Year award, Waterside Optical is a proud, UK, independently owned lens manufacturer based on the south coast of England.


Old fashioned family values haven't prevented Waterside Optical from embracing new technologies and this is highlighted by their extensive range of digitally designed and manufactured lenses and treatments, all made utilising the latest lens production machinery, in the UK.

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Waterside’s flagship suite of varifocal lenses that employs state of the art lens design, alongside the most modern production techniques.  A complete, tailored solution for every possible viewing requirement and situation, enabling extensive personalisation and therefore your vision will be as clear and distortion free as possible.

Infinity Dimension HD is engineered to provide you with the most comfortable vision, balanced through all areas of the lens.  Smooth power changes between the viewing zones makes this a great choice for general all-round vision, for experienced varifocal wearers.  Available in compensated designs for smaller frame shapes.

Infinity Plus 2 is Waterside's top-selling lens and a great, all round varifocal.  Although this is the entry level Infinity varifocal, it is a time-proven design, manufactured utilising the same modern production techniques as the other Infinity lenses. Adaptation time can be a little longer, but the visual performance far outweighs its modest price tag.

Watersides entry level varifocal, that doesn't perform like a budget lens.  Digitally manufactured, Smart FF delivers a balanced visual performance through all viewing zones.  Smart FF is a versatile design that can be fitted into most frame shapes and sizes. (Not UK manufactured)

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When you have a visual problem, where better to find a solution than in nature itself.  VFX lenses incorporate an invisible mesh filter that arranges the light in a more uniform fashion, which for some people give relief from visual stress.  Examples of this are migraine sufferers and people with early cataracts.  VFX lenses can also make night driving easier and more relaxing.

Infinity ESV (Enhanced Single Vision)  is an easy to adpt to lens, for patients spending long periods working closely with computers/digital devices and reading.  It's digital design and manufacture can be a key factor in reducing eye strain and resultant headaches. Infinity ESV, is the lens of choice for people in their early to mid 40's, not quite ready for a varifocal.

Infinity Office is a lens for people who spend time working at shorter distances.  It is specifically designed and digitally manufactured to provide a substantially larger computer and near viewing zone, than varifocals.  The lens is custom made to your preferred working distance, from 1m - 4m away, so there's a solution available for any occupation.

Waterside's entry level office/occupational lens solution, for those that want a good performing lens for less financial outlay.  Digitally manufactured, Smart Office delivers a balanced visual performance from the computer area through to the boost at close range to make reading more comfortable. (not UK manufactured)




Do you suffer with glare, dazzle and reflection, particularly when night driving? Pureview is for you. Multiple innovative processes that incorporate a super-tough scratch resistance, oil and water repellent layers alongside a glare reduction filter, Pureview has a reflectance rate of 0.2% per surface, 66% less than a standard coating. Outstanding visual performance.

Waterside Optical offer a range of coatings in addition to their ground breaking Pureview offering.  Clearview is a premium anti-reflection coating, great for artificial light conditions, is super durable and easy to clean.  If you use a lot of electronic devices, you can add NeutrBlu that helps block a portion of the higher wavelength blue light for increased visual comfort.

Everyone should own a pair of sunglasses, the health benefits are well documented. If you wear glasses, Waterside Optical can manufacture any lens type you can think of.  Whether fashion be your main concern, with different colours or even mirrored finishes or if you need to reduce glare, then polarised lenses are a great option for driving and around water, all fully UV blocked.

Photochromic lenses become darker in the sun, upon exposure to UV light.  Waterside Optical produce a range of photochromic lenses from the well known Transition lens, to Xtractive that change in your car, through to their own innovative Sunactive lens.  All Waterside Optical photochromic lenses come with a choice of coatings and full UV 400nm block.




81 Chatsworth Drive, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 9YJ

01295 261080

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