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The choice of lens for your new glasses is just as important as your choice of frame.  Choose the right lens in conjunction with our experienced staff and you could be enjoying a comfort and clarity of vision that you have never experienced before. 


Many of our lenses are provided by the world's leader in lens design and manufacture, Zeiss of Germany, alongside the independent lens specialists Waterside UK, based on the south coast of England.  We can though source lenses from any manufacturer in the world, meaning you get the perfect lens, measured for you, tailored for you, manufactured for you in our own Optical Laboratory, right first time, every time.

Lenses can be broken down into four main catagories, as listed below.  There are though many variations upon these, particulary with the advent of CNC digital, wavefront lens manufacture in the 21st century.  If you want further information, then please take a look at our dedicated Zeiss and Waterside UK pages, which will give you further information on the lenses available.

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As the name suggests these lenses correct your vision at one distance.  If you just need a correction for reading, distance or intermediate (computers for example) then single vision lenses will be the right choice for you.  Most people under the age of forty will only require a single vision lens to obtain optimum vision at all distances.


Varifocals or progressive powered lenses, are the most popular choice for people that require a different prescription for near and far away.  There are many different types of varifocal lens, each one has it's own characteristics, our trained staff will guide you through the process of which one is best suited to you.  Varifocals allow you to see at all distances, so often one pair of spectacles is all that is needed for general use.  Varifocals have no visible dividing line which, makes them both cosmetically and optically superior to the old style bifocal lens.

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Office lenses, sometimes known as occupational lenses, are specifically designed for use indoors at shorter working distances.  The lenses can be set up at a personalised distance, from 1m to 4m away, through to your reading distance.  Whether you are static at a desktop computer or have meetings in large board rooms, an office lens could be the ideal choice for you.  Office lenses have a much larger zone for using a computer than a varifocal, therefore less head movement is required to view your screen correctly.


Bi or two vision lenses, correct your vision at two specific distances, typically this is for distance and near.  Bifocals are becoming less popular as modern life dictates that we need useful vision at mid range (computers, car speedometers, satellite navigation for example), which bifocals cannot correct.  Bifocals have a distance correction over the majority of the lens surface and a segment, usually at the bottom for near vision.  The segment of the bifocal is often quite visible and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon your needs and visual requirements.

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