Your choice of lens for your new glasses is as important if not more so than your choice of frame.  Dray’s eye care is an independent practice, which means that we can source the lens that is right for you form an unlimited range of suppliers from around the world.  The majority of our lenses are provided by the worlds leader in lens design and manufacture, Carl Zeiss and Jai Kudo, which is a London based company that supplies and manufactures lenses right here in the UK.

Lenses fall in to three main categories: –

Single vision: As the name suggests these lenses correct your vision at one distance.  If you just need a correction for reading, distance or intermediate (computers for example) then single vision lenses will be dispensed for you.  Most people under the age of forty will only require a single vision lens to obtain optimum vision at all distances.

Bifocal: Bi or two vision lenses correct your vision at two specific distances, generally this is for distance and near.  Bifocals are becoming less popular as modern life dictates that we need useful vision at mid range (computers, car speedometers, satellite navigation for example), which bifocals will not correct in most cases.  Bifocals have a distance correction over the majority of the lens surface and a segment, usually at the bottom for near vision.  The segment of the bifocal is often quite visible and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon your needs and visual requirements.

Varifocal and Multifocal lenses: A variable focus lens will correct your vision at multiple distances.  Most people have heard of varifocal lenses, but the choice nowadays goes much further than before, with many technological advances over recent years. There are multifocal lenses for people who work for concentrated periods of time at near and intermediate focal lengths, great if your reading documents and working on computers for much of the day.  Traditional varifocals, which are still used by many of the larger chains are rapidly becoming yesterdays technology.  We are at the forefront of bringing you the latest digitally manufactured lenses, which provide you with more stable and natural viewing at all distances, along with significantly reduced distortions.  Our flagship lens is designed for you in conjunction with precise measurements and digital imaging techniques, this allows a completely bespoke solution to be manufactured by Zeiss.  So if you’re one of the many people who have tried varifocals from a previous optician, give Dray’s Eyecare a try and if you do not like what we dispense, we will change them to another lens type for free, that’s our guarantee to you.  Our success rate with varifocals is phenomenal, we offer this promise to everyone and only one person in four years has returned to non-varifocal lenses under our guarantee.