At the rear of practice is our well kept secret, which is a full spectacle manufacturing laboratory.  Every single pair of frames and lenses that you choose is manufactured and hand finished on site by Lee Dray, the Managing Director.  We have our own glazing facility for two main reasons, the first is so that we can turn your chosen lenses and frames into a complete pair of spectacles in the quickest time possible.  The second reason is so that we have complete control over the finished product and ensure that every pair of glasses that leave Dray’s eyecare meets both the British Standards and our own standards.

The laboratory is equipped with the most cutting edge technology available and is solely operated by Lee, who has been manufacturing glasses for over twenty years.  Throughout his career, Lee has made in excess of a hundred thousand pairs of spectacles!  Lee is one of the few technicians who still has the skill to hand finish every pair of spectacles and crafts every pair of rimless glasses, from lens blanks and frame mounts to completed spectacles.

In our laboratory we keep a small stock of lenses for those jobs you need in a hurry, but most single vision lenses are ready within two working days, with bifocals and varifocals from two to ten days, even bespoke designed lenses, in a variety of materials and coatings.