Optik Mizen are a new, highly motivated company that are taking the optical lens world to another level.  The Optik Mizen team is made up of young, talented and highly motivated individuals that are driven to provide forward thinking, Independent eye care professionals, with cutting edge technology, that is leading the way in a very crowded marketplace.  Their design team resides in both the UK and the USA, with a dedicated manufacturing facility in Austria, producing lens designs and treatments that are innovative and first to market.

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Optik Mizen's flagship lens and one of the world's most advanced varifocal lenses, incorporating award winning production techniques.  Highly sophisticated manufacturing processes are employed, that give a distance area that is as distortion free as possible and allowing enhanced near viewing zones, even in higher prescriptions.

New in 2019, XENTRA is engineered to provide you with the most comfortable, natural vision through all areas of the lens.  Smooth power changes, through a thinner and flatter lens surface, means XENTRA is cosmetically pleasing, with unrivalled clarity.  A great choice for first time and experienced varifocal wearers, as adaption is quick and effortless.

Equinox is Optik Mizen's best selling lens and a time proven, all round varifocal.  Available in two distinct designs, an all round version (Equinox 2.0) as well as with an enhanced near area, for using digital devices and reading (Equinox Digi).  Digitally designed and manufactured to give enhanced depth perception, alongside minimal distortions in all viewing areas.

Engineered from the ground up, Autobahn+ is the ultimate driving varifocal.  With a distance breadth of vision never achieved before, yet still allowing areas for viewing the dashboard and mirrors.  With a glare reduction filter, alongside an anti-reflection coating eliminating reflections to just 0.2% per surface, Autobahn+ is the only choice if you're serious about driving.

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Optik Mizen's entry level varifocal, that doesn't perform like a budget lens.  Digitally manufactured, Performance HD delivers a balanced visual performance through all viewing zones.  Performance HD is a versatile design that can be fitted into all frame shapes and sizes, including shallow frames.

If you have no requirements for intermediate vision, but have a need for very large reading and distance areas, then Hybridfocal could well be your best choice of lens.  Simply put, the Hybridfocal is a large bifocal lens that has had the unsightly step digitally "smoothed" away during manufacture to give large reading and distortion free distance areas.

Near Boost is an easy adaptation lens, for patients spending long periods working closely with computers/digital devices and reading.  It's digital design and manufacture can be a key factor in reducing eye strain and resultant headaches. Near Boost, from Optik Mizen, is the lens of choice for people in their early to mid 40's, not quite ready for a full varifocal.

Office Inception is a lens for people who spend time working at shorter distances.  It is specifically designed and digitally manufactured to provide a substantially larger computer and near viewing zone, than varifocals.  The lens is custom made to your preferred working distance, from 1.1m - 4m away, so there's a solution available for any occupation.




Innovative and unique, Pinsharp is as an invisible fine mesh of interlocking hexagons. Hexagons appear frequently in nature, such as beehives, so it's appropriate that they can now be used to enhance nature's greatest gift - sight.  People with conditions such as early cataracts and macular degeneration often benefit from Pinsharp, as well as night drivers.

Excelsis is Optik Mizen's brand name for it's complete suite of lens coatings.  Excelsis coatings have scratch resistance along with anti-reflection.  Premium Excelsis, have added benefits such as, blue light protection, increased durability, water and oil repellance and anti-static.  The premium Excelsis O2 reduces reflected light to only 0.2% per surface.

Everyone should own a pair of sunglasses, the health benefits are well documented. If you wear glasses, Optik Mizen can manufacture any lens type you can think of.  Whether fashion be your main concern, with different colours or even mirrored finishes or if you need to reduce glare, then polarised lenses are a great option for driving and around water, all fully UV blocked.

Photochromic lenses become darker in the sun, upon exposure to UV light.  Optik Mizen produe a range of photochromic lenses from the well known Transition lens, to Xtractive that change in your car, through to their own innovative Solar Inteligence lens, that can be combined with Pinsharp.  All Optik Mizen photochromic lenses come with Excelsis and fully UV blocked.




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