You may feel fit and healthy and think you can see perfectly but, an eye examination can reveal important indicators about your general overall health as well as the condition of your eyes.  Our Opticians will check the health of your eyes both internally and externally for any problems as well as extended problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.  You should have a full eye examination every two years and in some cases yearly as part of your on-going healthcare routine.

Dray’s eyecare has one of the most advanced eye examination consulting rooms in the area, fully equipped with the most modern technology to enable our Opticians to give you the most thorough examination possible.  All of our Opticians hold qualifications that exceed the nationally recognized accreditations and specialize in many areas of eye health and treatment.

Your eye examination will be tailored to your own specific health and visual requirements.  We will start by asking you some general questions about your lifestyle, hobbies and occupation along with your medical history, general health, pre existing conditions, whether that be with your eyes or otherwise and your family history.  We will also examine your current spectacles closely to ascertain what prescription and lens type you are currently wearing as well as how you see with them.

We will then using many different types of equipment examine your eyes thoroughly to ensure they are healthy and that there are no underlying health problems.  You will be given the opportunity for us to take a picture of the inside of your eyes, which we will store electronically so that we can compare these images against any further visits to us.  This enables us to spot the smallest of differences and build a complete and full history of your eyes health and development.  There may be other tests that we undertake to ensure that your peripheral vision is working correctly, or taking the pressure inside your eye, which can indicate glaucoma.  We will also check the muscles that move your eye around are functioning well and may also check your seeing colours correctly.

The final part of your examination is for our Opticians to determine if you can see correctly at all distances and to ascertain if there is any need for a new prescription.  At the end of the examination our Opticians will explain to you the full findings of the examination and will demonstrate to you if any improvement can be made.